Phoenix Photographer

Capturing life’s moments in the valley of the sun. Showcase your cherished memories with stunning photography services, celebrating the beauty of Phoenix, Arizonam from portraits to landscapes, freezing your moments in time.

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Marketing Professional

Boosting business success in the heart of Phoenix. Harness the power of strategic marketing in the vibrant market of Phoenix, Arizona. Our expertise drives your brand to new heights, connecting you with the desert’s thriving community and beyond.

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Graphic & Web Designer

Helping define your brand’s visual identity. Crafting eye-catching designs and pixel-perfect websites that reflect the spirit of Phoenix, Arizona. Helping transform your ideas into captivating visuals, making your online presence shine.

About ‘BahrBie Does’

Hi all, my name is Justin Bahr, and I’m here to get your best marketing content out there as quickly as possible and at an affordable rate. Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, and with over ten years of professional experience, I can help you with your next photography, marketing, or design project. Whatever your project, let’s see what we can do together!

– Justin aka “BahrBie”


While most of my services revolve around photography, they are not limited to photography and photo editing. Use the tiles below to see that portfolio and learn more about that project type and the content that can be created.

How It Works

1. Collaborate

Start by telling me some details about your project. Reach out and connect with me via the booking form or reach out via social media. I’ll put together a brief and timeline for the project.

2. Design

With your project details, and let’s get started. No matter the design or photoshoot, I will connect with you until I’ve helped you get the design or idea off the ground and ready.

3. Publish

Finally! You’re ready to get your design, photo, or strategy implemented. Now what? With most design projects I will lead you through the last steps to get your content out there to shine!

Let’s Connect

Book now and see what I can do for you personally and professionally. As someone who doesn’t just do photography, I help brands succeed where other designers cannot and where agencies overcharge.

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About Me   

Everyone has a project they’re working on. Whether that be personal or professional, I’m happy to help you get that project done. With all projects, though we have to start somewhere. If you’re knee-deep and need some help finishing a tough presentation that you just don’t have time for or you are just starting out with an idea I can help you bring that idea to life.

Having worked on countless projects – yes countless – I have found that most people need some help when it comes to design, even if it’s just an extra set of eyes or words of encouragement on an idea or design. Let me help you get what you are looking for, and I’ll help you develop a plan to get that thing you need, done.

My specialty is helping people bring their idea to fruition, and my first question always is – “What are you looking to do?” – because the key to design is understanding what you, the customer, wants. My job is to bring that idea to life. So, let’s take your idea from paper to publication!

Justin Bahr


1What do you do?

I do a bit of everything when it comes to marketing. I would consider myself a full-stack marketer which means I work on everything that has to do with marketing. From strategic planning all the way to production-level graphic design and website deployment. My maine services include:

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Photo Editing
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing

I also do the following, but these are more customized and unique projects.

  • Web Development
  • Presentation Design
  • Motion Graphic Design
  • Social Media Design
  • Business Analytics (Power BI)
  • CRM Automation
  • Custom html, css, javascript
2How quickly can you put something together?

Well, how fast can you fill out the form? Let’s chat about your project real quick and I’ll tell you how fast I can get it done. In most cases though, we can your project done pretty quickly.

3Do you only do personal projects or do you work with businesses and organizations?

I work with everyone and have worked on both personal and business projects before. As a full-time marketing professional, I know what it takes to do both. So let’s set up a time to chat or talk so you can share your big idea, so I can bring that idea to life.

4Do you travel?

Yes, I do travel for some projects, depending on the project, location. and timeline. As a Phoenix-based professional I prefer to stay within Arizona, but I am up to get away for the right project!

5What are your prices?

Each project is priced differently, but I usually charge $60/hr for design work. Photoshoots are split into two prices. One for the shoot and the other for editing. If you're concerned about price, reach out to me and I can likely back into your budget. Please, no "I can pay with 'exposure' offers".


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